I’m a rock star! …In my dreams…

Jimmy Barnes

Isn’t imagination fantastic? A small group of good friends and myself attended a bit of concert on the weekend, where quite a few Aussie rockstars were performing. Of course it’s easy to imagine being yanked up on stage with the Baby Animals, or by Jimmy Barnes and being handed a microphone to belt out a perfect line to a famous song, to be applauded and cheered on by the crowd. After all, you’re amazing at karaokeing their hits, yeah? Mmm, until you get there, feeling the atmosphere…then you realise you’d probably ruin it, really, or have rotten fruit piffed at you or something. Being a rockstar in life isn’t always performing, it’s making the best of what you have. It was a fantastic day being with friends, a few drinks in the sun, a break from regular life. Continue reading


Hi all, welcome to my blog! I’ll be posting about everything and nothing in my extraordinarily ordinary life.  I have VERY big plans for 2013, both professionally and personally, and invite you on the journey!  You may commiserate, or laugh, or be inspired to follow your own dreams as I achieve/fail and generally make fun of myself. I’m a  writer, mainly of young adult speculative fiction and also writing for TV, but I have a fair crack at other genres too.  My main aim as a writer is to take my readers to another world, as that is what I have always enjoyed about reading. I have a part time job, an extremely energetic and independent two year old son, and a very unhealthy and addictive relationship with my stored body fat. Come along with me in 2013 as I reflect upon myself, and make the choice to take charge and run my own life instead of sitting back and waiting for good things to happen. I hope to take some of you on a bit of a journey here on my blog 🙂 Love, Melissa  xo photo