Using the senses…

This is a creative piece I wrote when I was at university. It was based on memories – both real and quite likely assumed, as some are quite old – and the senses that came with them. I thought it was quite expressive and interesting, a different look at a particular place, an abattoir. I’m sure there would be many other ways to describe this particular place, this is just the way I remember this day…

Cacophony. Dogs barking constantly. Sheep baaing, sometimes low and unconcerned; at other times frantic. The cows too, mooing as their hooves clatter up the wooden ramp, the three pronged electric prod sometimes poking them sharply in the rump. The loud machinery jangles and clangs, chains moving mechanically in rows, fans whirring. Continue reading

#kidofthe80sand90s Footrot Flats, The Dog’s Tale

Memories Monday

I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, and have many amazing memories from that time. Things might be technically ‘improved’ these days with the progression of technology, but nothing beats the nostalgia of ‘the good old days’. I’m sure there’s many people out there who will enjoy reminiscing along with me 🙂

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Music is simply amazing. Soundwaves pulse through the air and enter our auditory system, creating emotional and physical reactions in our bodies. I’m no scientist so I don’t really understand how or why exactly. However what I do know, is that certain lyrics, instruments, and voices, can invoke great emotion in a person. Writers use music a lot for inspiration, as a calming influence, as an emotional and physical release, and many other reasons.
So many songs are really poetry in a melody composition, a combination that due to interpretation can be magical. As someone who has always enjoyed dancing and singing to songs (I’m not great at dancing or singing by the way) and who misses playing a musical instrument very badly, I draw a lot from what music I’m hearing while I write. I am compiling play lists for the songs that have fitted in my mind with my stories, and these lists will be provided in my novels when they are published. Please consider purchasing the tunes (or digging the cds out of your cupboard as many will be from the 90s!) and having a listen while you read. It may help you envision parts of the story as I do. Writers and musicians are both a kind of artist, and I want all creators of fun and love to know their work is understood and appreciated 🙂 Continue reading