Katey SagalKatey Sagal

The stand-out likeness to some of the most memorable characters Katey has portrayed is their fierce and unforgiving motherly instincts.  Admittedly the mothers she has played aren’t always a comparable kind of parent – Peg Bundy and Cate Hennessy don’t appear to have a lot in common, except maybe a similar number of children – but nevertheless, a mother first.  And fierce and lethal mother she is as Gemma Teller-Morrow in the brilliant Sons of Anarchy.  Mixed with the great writing and the rest of the amazing cast and crew, Gemma Teller-Morrow has managed to make people, well, just freaking love her.  The character has done despicable things – maybe with the best of intentions, but still, things that may make you want to feel the skin from her face if she was real.  Katey makes a practically deluded and sometimes cruel person manage to have so much heart and passion, that viewers don’t just forgive her sins, but enjoy them.  She’s not the only character in this show who is loved despite their misgivings, but possibly the most enduring. Continue reading