I’m back.

Hi all,

I’m back!

For a long while I have continued to struggle on what to post on this blog, which has led into severe procrastination. Should I write about my general life, mental health, parenting, hard news articles, other writing exercises, or should I simply delete the entire stupid thing – aggh what will people like the best??? It’s been basically impossible for me to focus on one idea.
So, I have decided not to. I will continue to put random stuff on here. Anything I post is a small window into my mad mind whether it be fiction or non, and if it entertains you, or makes you feel something because you can relate, or you are a person in the arts who I want to impress (hello agents can you hear me?) well, then it has done it’s job.

I’m taking my mad busy little mind off with me this weekend to ‘KidLitVic’ where I will get to hear what will surely be awesome advice from some of the top people in the industry, including a one-on-one session with an assessor from a Publishing Company who I am absolutely determined to work with one day.

So stay tuned for the mixed bag of crap I put on here in the future – if you;re lucky you might just read something you like.

Melissa xo