I’m back.

Hi all,

I’m back!

For a long while I have continued to struggle on what to post on this blog, which has led into severe procrastination. Should I write about my general life, mental health, parenting, hard news articles, other writing exercises, or should I simply delete the entire stupid thing – aggh what will people like the best??? It’s been basically impossible for me to focus on one idea.
So, I have decided not to. I will continue to put random stuff on here. Anything I post is a small window into my mad mind whether it be fiction or non, and if it entertains you, or makes you feel something because you can relate, or you are a person in the arts who I want to impress (hello agents can you hear me?) well, then it has done it’s job.

I’m taking my mad busy little mind off with me this weekend to ‘KidLitVic’ where I will get to hear what will surely be awesome advice from some of the top people in the industry, including a one-on-one session with an assessor from a Publishing Company who I am absolutely determined to work with one day.

So stay tuned for the mixed bag of crap I put on here in the future – if you;re lucky you might just read something you like.

Melissa xo

5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

1. Because he seems to believe kids – including teenagers – are better people than adults.
2. Because he’s one of Australia’s most popular and successful YA authors and still makes other writers feel hope due to his success, not despair that they may never reach his level.
3. Because he’s had a heart attack and still hiked up a damn hill faster than me. Respect, man.
4. Because he said fuck at our high school talk. He doesn’t pretend teenagers don’t say fuck, or that people shouldn’t.
5. The Tomorrow When the War Began series. Nuff said.

Check his stuff out – in case I didn’t explain well enough, he is awesome. http://www.johnmarsden.com.au

WIP ‘Superior’ young adult fiction novel, part 1 available on Wattpad.

Check out work-in-progress #yafiction “Superior” on #Wattpad w.tt/1MfZvNL w.tt/1qu0LDu

I’m just learning what Wattpad is all about! For those who don’t know, writers can share their stories on there, free for users to read and comment on. This kind of feedback is invaluable to emerging writers and I’m very excited to get some constructive criticism from the people that matter most to a writer, the readers. 


Hello readers,

I have to admit, I have been struggling as to whether to continue with this blog.  On one hand, I love connecting and putting my words out there (not that I have posted for quite a while) – but at the same time wonder if what I am putting out there is really worth it?  I have come to the realization that my blog has no ‘theme’, other than, well, me.  Most blogs require a topic, or at least a few subject matters.  There is lots of blogs with reviews of books and movies, heaps about parenting (copious material in the world for that) many about health and lifestyle; a lovely friend has recently started a blog that centres around her mental health struggles, a very touching story.  The subjects are be endless.

Mine is, well a bag full of mixed crap, and I have been struggling for a while with the decision to  go on.  I felt aimless and unsure (okay lets face it, that wasn’t just about the blog…)  Some logical part of me made the decision four minutes ago when I renewed my WordPress subscription, I have decided to keep it.  And I will continue with the theme simply being ‘me’.  My articles, my lists, my updates on life, any new short stories or exercises and all things in between.  This blog is where I will keep updates of my other writing, any submissions to publishers or agents, festivals I attend, and any writing and acting workshops, lessons or experience I may gain. I will keep sharing stories of my family and my life, and will even try my hand at some travel writing when I have my next holiday.

Basically, I will keep rabbiting on here, whether you like it or not (although I hope that you do!)

Thank-you all for dreaming with me; you reading my words means everything.

Love, Melissa XO