Katey SagalKatey Sagal

The stand-out likeness to some of the most memorable characters Katey has portrayed is their fierce and unforgiving motherly instincts.  Admittedly the mothers she has played aren’t always a comparable kind of parent – Peg Bundy and Cate Hennessy don’t appear to have a lot in common, except maybe a similar number of children – but nevertheless, a mother first.  And fierce and lethal mother she is as Gemma Teller-Morrow in the brilliant Sons of Anarchy.  Mixed with the great writing and the rest of the amazing cast and crew, Gemma Teller-Morrow has managed to make people, well, just freaking love her.  The character has done despicable things – maybe with the best of intentions, but still, things that may make you want to feel the skin from her face if she was real.  Katey makes a practically deluded and sometimes cruel person manage to have so much heart and passion, that viewers don’t just forgive her sins, but enjoy them.  She’s not the only character in this show who is loved despite their misgivings, but possibly the most enduring. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

The Knowing and Knowledge tutorial subject in week seven was as follows, “Life inevitably brings pain and loss. One will need to grieve for loved ones who are gone. All that is normal. What is abnormal is the increasingly common attitude that there is a ‘cure’ or ‘pill’ for every ‘problem’ that all suffering is somehow unnatural and not to be tolerated.”

This is a very broad and diverse issue, with two main sides to the argument, as well as many different opinions and ‘but’ questions and statements in the middle. The statement made by this person clearly defines their stance. Their opinion is that suffering over personal loss is normal, and it is unnatural to be using medications to cure ourselves of this par Continue reading




It is difficult – some say impossible – to decipher the difference between poetry and prose. In the following essay I have attempted to analyse then compare and contrast two pieces of writing. I will class them poetry. The first thing I do when analysing poetry or prose is to read through the piece several times then translate it into ‘my’ language. This can prove quite difficult, but even harder is my second step of attempting to derive the underlying subtext Continue reading

Using the senses…

This is a creative piece I wrote when I was at university. It was based on memories – both real and quite likely assumed, as some are quite old – and the senses that came with them. I thought it was quite expressive and interesting, a different look at a particular place, an abattoir. I’m sure there would be many other ways to describe this particular place, this is just the way I remember this day…

Cacophony. Dogs barking constantly. Sheep baaing, sometimes low and unconcerned; at other times frantic. The cows too, mooing as their hooves clatter up the wooden ramp, the three pronged electric prod sometimes poking them sharply in the rump. The loud machinery jangles and clangs, chains moving mechanically in rows, fans whirring. Continue reading

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I’m an addict…

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose your own addiction? Instead of Barbecue Shapes or sitting on the couch, I’d like to be addicted to jogging, and, oh I don’t know, celery sticks wrapped in lettuce.
Just a disclaimer, this attachment is simply for a laugh, making light of something actually serious. Many people have suffered addiction to various things for many reasons. And, while certain behaviours are often inexcusable, a little non-judgemental thinking can go a long way. Pay attention to the people in your life, and if you detect any issues of dependency, do what you can to help.

10 Things I have learned (or re-learned) since living in a house habituated by a toddler…

the kids took my mind

10 Things I have learned (or re-learned) since living in a house habituated by a toddler…

1. Stepping on Lego hurts like a bloody mofo. I’m sure it was painful enough when I actually was a kid, but now I weigh a lot more, and my reflexes are slower, making for prolonged foot-on-plastic contact. And Lego’s not the only thing, any small item buried in a shaggy rug is a bear trap. Soggy lollies, wet wipes, and don’t even ask me how it feels to kneel on a matchbox car.
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The different ways a man and woman cook a barbeque…



How a woman cooks a barbeque…How a man cooks a barbeque…

I would like to clarify that this article is intended to be entirely satirical. I am taking the piss based on stereotypical opinions and in no way does this represent my true assumptions on the matter. So please, don’t take it seriously, have a giggle 🙂


-24 hours prior to barbeque the woman confirms predicted attendance numbers by studying R.S.V.P’s and meticulously telephoning anyone who has not replied.
-The woman forms a detailed list of brands and volumes of food and drink required, based upon guests sex-weight ratio.

-List generally includes, beer, wine, six varieties of soft drink, lettuce, tomato, three cheeses, carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes, two types of pasta, butter, margarine and canola spread, low fat mayonnaise, cheese cracker biscuits, semi sun-dried tomatoes, salami – both hot and mild, kabana, mustard, tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, black pepper, white pepper, rock salt, table salt, sea salt, extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil bought only in a green bottle, paper towel, plastic knives, forks, plates and cups, white bread, brown bread, wholegrain bread, white rolls, brown rolls, wholegrain rolls, nineteen varieties of gourmet sausages, chicken sausages, gluten free sausages, bone free chops, marinated steaks, chicken bits, both honey soy and satay, a new spatula, tongs and apron, hamburgers, lamb burgers, chicken burgers, beef burgers, tofu burgers and veggie burgers.
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